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(Your Name:  and/or assigns    Date: 01 -02 - 2007.)


When you sign for your package, or letter, with this protective clause, the bank cannot monotize your money


Which simply means, it cannot use your signature to make money, with your money, to generate revenue                            


Without your permission. This also protects you from any tampering of your funds, all the way to the bank.




Hello Dear Friends,


It's been a while since I sent out the Receiving Reminders for those

of us in the prosperity programs which are currently funding. The

information we receive with delivery and/or at the bank will tell us

exactly how to proceed; we need to follow the OFFICIAL INSTRUCTIONS

we receive EXACTLY. The information below should be considered

SUGGESTIONS only. It's your choice whether you use these

suggestions. Our OFFICIAL INSTRUCTIONS we receive are our BEST

SOURCES of guidance.


I'm including the annotation "[NEW INFO]" on each item recently

revised. Some items have changed because current conditions of

funding are different from when I last revised these Reminders.


I suggest you PRINT OUT the info below for reference in the NEAR

future. I suggest we give a PRINTED COPY of this message to all those

whom we have "gifted into the program" so they have information in

addition to their official instructions. Please SAVE this email for

future reference.


The announcement of NESARA changes and/or eliminates many of our

laws. We need to pay attention to the changes in our laws in ALL we

do. Some of the reminders below may need to be revised due to

NESARA's changes and YOU will need to determine this for yourself.


Once the remaining U.S. mass deliveries are occurring/happen, I will

STOP sending any info regarding our program or our funding due to the

Non Disclosure. I WILL CONTINUE to provide OTHER USEFUL information

about topics important to us all.


I've had lots of questions regarding people whom we have "Gifted In",

and what happens if they are absent from the delivery address when

the big moment arrives. If we have gifted people into the program

and have their deliveries coming to us, I'm told we should have a

list of their names and addresses to give to the delivery person.

This list will help the White Knights to find these people and

deliver directly to them at their PHYSICAL locations as the WORLD

COURT REQUIRES. If you have "gifted in" people's deliveries coming

to your address, the White Knights have had to set up the person's

bank appointment in a funding bank near your location and those

gifted in will probably come to the funding bank near you for their

appointments. If they need help with travel expenses, I understand

there will be instructions to them about how to obtain this kind of



If you have a P.O. Box delivery address, the White Knights already

have a cross index of your physical location address from the Postal

authority and will attempt to deliver to you at your physical

location. If they are unable to find you by researching your current

physical location, after a few weeks they will leave an "attempted

delivery notice" in your P.O. Box telling you how to make contact to

obtain your delivery. For those who have ZERO physical location

associated with their PO Box, I'm told an "attempted delivery

notification" will be left telling you how to make contact to obtain

your delivery. For those with Mailbox Etc. type mail service, an

attempt will be made to deliver to your physical address and if

unable to find you at a physical location, an "attempted delivery

notification" will be left telling you how to make contact to obtain

your delivery. Because of the LEGAL issues and huge amounts of money

involved, in most of the prosperity programs every delivery must be

signed for by the recipient.


[NEW INFO] If you have changed your address, moved, and/or have a new

physical location, you need to make sure your Postal Authority has

the correct physical location for you, if possible. The White

Knights have gone back over 15 years of Postal Authority forwarding

records to track and trace prosperity programs and Farm Claims/Bank

Claims recipients. They have found over 95% of the people in these

programs using Postal and other records. They will have ways of

making sure that they find everyone who possibly can be found. We

may even see notifications in the U.S. newspapers of our big program

funding AFTER the Non Disclosure is EXPIRED as a way of letting

people know this is happening and a "contact process" if you JOINED

the prosperity programs/claims and think you were missed by the

delivery process.


I'm told that all U.S. citizens will have PUBLICLY announced new

prosperity options which will be WELL PUBLICIZED and organized in an

open manner. When people join these new programs, they will have

documentation showing they joined and when they can expect to begin

receiving their prosperity. Anyone who missed getting into the

currently funding prosperity programs will be eligible to apply for

the new prosperity programs. I'm told these new prosperity programs

will begin disbursing to the new prosperity programs' members early

in 2003.


Please remember, the banks will be VERY BUSY the next few months with

all the banking changes; we may need to go to the bank location

specified, regardless of where we live now. The banks may be too busy

to shuffle our prosperity all over the country to another bank

location for us any time soon.


To JOIN the Dove egroup, simply send an email to:


And REPLY to Yahoo's request for confirmation.


This is the best information I have today. Remember, your OFFICIAL

INSTRUCTIONS are your BEST SOURCE of guidance.


Take care, dear Friends, and blessings to us all as we live our



Blessings and Love,

Dove of Oneness


The Dove egroup currently has 7,509 members.




I've received information that our accounts are set up under the NEW

regulations of the new banking system and these new regulations are

designed to MAXIMIZE PERSONAL PRIVACY for us. Once our new NESARA

U.S. Treasury Bank System is announced, I'm told that all accounts

will have more privacy and banking staff will be retrained to honor

customers' privacy.


I'm told that we have "premium accounts" and that we need to keep

DOUBLE the minimum balance in these initial premium accounts at all

times as ALL of our phases of prosperity payout are flowing to us

through these accounts in the U.S. Treasury Banks or designated

funding banks of our own country/area. For us in the big program, I'm

told we should keep DOUBLE the minimum balance and right now, I'm

told, [NEW INFO] that DOUBLE the minimum is $4,000,000. My sources

say the extra amount in the premium account is to pay FEES that may

be charged. If we ever close this account or fail to keep enough

money in it and fees charges end up closing it out, we will be UNABLE

to get the remainder of our phases of prosperity payout which are

coming in the future. Therefore, we must keep enough funds to cover

any fees and the minimum balance at all times.


I'm also told that the OFFICIAL INSTRUCTIONS we are receiving for the

big program are UP-TO-DATE and HONEST. I'm told that by following

the instructions fully, we are building a "firewall" of protection

around ourselves and our prosperity.


The main thing is, we READ CAREFULLY everything we receive and

UNDERSTAND it all THOROUGHLY before we take action.


To be safe, if you have any questions I suggest you OBTAIN YOUR OWN

EXPERT ADVICE under the new conditions in which we find ourselves.


These Reminders cover a BASIC list of issues we need to consider.


1. I'm hearing both sovereigns and non-sovereigns state they are

signing for the delivery of the envelope(s) with just their normal



Signing documentation actually connected to our prosperity is another

matter. [NEW INFO] I'm told the ND and instructions we receive at

the bank for SOME of the programs do discuss whether it's beneficial

to sign with the Non Assumpsit Clause. Again we need to pay

attention to our OFFICIAL information we receive.


Regarding signing for our big program prosperity, I have been advised

that it is beneficial to sign using the Non Assumpsit Clause

immediately ABOVE our signature because this protects our rights.

Below are two versions of the Non Assumpsit clause.


[NEW INFO] I'm using the spelling "Unalienable", which is what the

Declaration of Independence uses, and I'm told that the spelling with

the "u" – "Unalienable" - is the most appropriate spelling.


"Non Assumpsit without prejudice reserving all natural God-given

unalienable birthrights waiving none ever."

OR the second version is:

"Not Assumptive without prejudice reserving all natural God-giving

unalienable birthright waiving none ever."


If you use this clause, it must be printed or stamped, preferably in

blue ink, immediately ABOVE your signature on the document for it to

take effect. If we sign a document in multiple locations, I'm told

we can print this clause above the LAST time we sign and it will be

effective for the entire document.


2. We need to carefully read all Non Disclosures (ND) and make sure

we understand EVERY word, phrase, and requirement FULLY.


[NEW INFO] I'm told those of us in the big program will also be

receiving funds from some other programs and that these other

programs have their own Non Disclosures with different lengths of

time for these other Non Disclosures. We need to do our paperwork as

required at the bank and follow the requirements for these programs.


We are hearing the ND says during the ND period we must AVOID telling

anyone that our blessings come from our program. This means we

totally "AVOID USING or SAYING the NAME of our program" during this

time. We also must avoid admitting anything about where our funds

come from if anyone ASKS us questions about our blessings. We must

pretend for the ND period that we totally lack any knowledge of our



[NEW INFO] As of today, I'm being told that we MAY NEED TO USE some

of the funds from these additional programs, BEFORE the ND expires

for these other programs, in some way that shows we are using the

funds for `improvements projects'. We need to pay close attention to

these requirements. I'm told the best way is to set up other

financial entities to which we transfer funds for doing world

improvements. I'm told we must do our improvement projects under

cover of these financial entities (anonymously) until the ND expires

for these other programs. We will have our big program funds with

which to set up these financial entities.


If anyone, for example a Real Estate Agent, asks us from "where" our

funds come, I'm told we can say: [NEW INFO] "I'm under Non Disclosure

about the source, AND, I have Triple-C documentation from the bank

stating that the funds are Clean, Clear, and Non-Criminal in origin."


ALL anyone deserves to know is that the funds are CLEAN, and we all

will have documentation proving this. That's all we have to tell

them. We may have this question about the "source" of our abundance

come up when we purchase real estate or other expensive things. This

is why, to cover all these needs for a few months, we need numerous

copies of the Triple-C documentation.


[NEW INFO] Regarding taking an attorney to the bank, CHECK your

OFFICIAL instructions about this. I'm told that we in the big

program are PROHIBITED from taking an attorney or having ND and

instructions reviewed by someone else during the Non Disclosure

period. AFTER the ND EXPIRES for the big program, I'm told we can

have the instructions for the BIG PROGRAM reviewed by advisors.


I'm told that for the programs connected to the Big Program, we need

to wait until the ND EXPIRES for EACH PROGRAM before having advisors

review the instructions for the other programs.


3. [NEW INFO] I'm told we will be shown a listing in a computer

screen at the bank of all the programs from which we are receiving

funds and the amount per program. We will have to wait for a while

for the ND on each program to expire before we will be given a

printed copy of this list.


4. IF we have a Non Disclosure for a period of time, we will need

numerous copies of CCC documentation to get us through the ND

period. We can obtain numerous certified copies of the Triple-C

documentation for our funds from the bank; request these on our FIRST

visit and, if necessary, give the bank a few days to get them ready.


We heard that people who received test deliveries DID receive 3

copies of CCC documentation with their debit card when they went to

the bank. From this, it appears the bank will have a few CCC copies

ready when we arrive to pick up our credit/debit card(s).


The bank MUST give us this documentation -- it's part of their

responsibility and service. Keep the copies in various safe locations

away from the bank. We will need "Triple-C documentation" from our

bank when we transfer funds and it certifies that our funds

are "clean, clear, and non-criminal" in origin.


5. Debit/Credit Cards: I'm told we will be receiving debit and/or

credit cards for some of our numerous "pots of money" we are

receiving. If we receive DEBIT cards, we need to be cautious in how

we use them. We need to use our "debit cards" ONLY to TRANSFER funds

to other bank accounts. It is DANGEROUS to use these debit cards for

routine purchases because someone may take our debit card number and

use it to illegally purchase things.


I am also told we will be informed of how to transfer funds using

these debit cards in order to make large, SECURE purchases. Just

remember, our program debit cards in the wrong hands will give a

thief the ability to access our funds.


I may open smaller bank accounts and have a debit card on the smaller

account that I use to make purchases. I also intend to obtain an

Exclusive Visa for making purchases; our assigned private banker will

be able to obtain this for us, I'm told. (Exclusive Visa is for

wealthy people only.)


6. Regarding any gold certificates we may have, we need to pay close

attention to what the instructions tell us about these. When we see

this information ourselves, we will know what our options are. [NEW

INFO] I'm told we should REFUSE any "line of credit" that a banker

may want to offer us against our gold certificates and/or any other

funds we are receiving because this gives the banker CONTROL of our



[NEW INFO] I'm told that our bearer bonds and/or gold certificates

are a big part of the world economic stability formulas and

structures. I'm told we can obtain copies of the bearer bonds and

gold certificates after the Non Disclosure expires. I'm told most of

us will receive instructions telling us our gold certificates and/or

bearer bonds are to be kept in our U.S. Treasury Banks and being kept

in the bank vault (except for the relatively few who will have

different instructions). I'm told that the gold certificates and

bearer bonds have identifying information which links us to these

assets. The White Knights have a database linking our name/funding

name to each gold certificate and bearer bond we are receiving for

security purposes. I'm told that prior to our Non Disclosure

expiring, we may be able to request a list of our gold certificates

by their identifying numbers and our bearer bonds by their

identifying numbers showing that they belong to us, but WITHOUT

amounts to help keep us from breaching our ND regarding "amounts".


[NEW INFO] I was told by a White Knight source that there are at

least TWO copies of our gold certificates and bearer bonds. I'm told

that the certificates are required to be kept at the bank, however,

after the ND expires, I'm told we can take our copies out of the bank

and put them in safe locations away from the bank. I'm told we need

to keep these copies in different SECURE and Fireproof locations. One

option might be a hidden SAFE on property we own.


I'm told the gold certificates have some connection to the Treasury

Bank system being put into place and that most of us will receive

instructions telling us to keep these gold certificates in the bank.

I'm told that, at a later date, we will be able to convert them to

cash if we wish. I'm told that ALL this is explained in our

information we will receive.


This is the best information I have on this at this time.


7. SCAM artists are still likely to target us -- there are many who

have been waiting for this funding to run their scams. If a STRANGER

calls or visits us to offer investment services, humanitarian

projects, or to "confirm" or "audit" that we received our blessings, -

- THIS IS A RED FLAG! Hang up or shut the door immediately and avoid

admitting receiving your blessings.


With NESARA's announcement, the IRS will be GONE. Therefore, anyone

pretending to be a tax auditor or someone from the delivery service

confirming you received -- THESE are TRICKS to try to get us to

breach our ND and lose our prosperity! We need to refuse to talk

with them.


8. Security of ourselves, our homes, and our families must be

handled. Some prosperity members, who have already received, have had

strangers walk up to their doors offering investment services (BEWARE

of SCAM ARTISTS) or asking for handouts. These people obtained the

prosperity members' names illegally -- our names and addresses are

supposed to be kept confidential. We all need to take security

precautions - electronic security systems at home and offices, and

personal security of children and elderly family members. Some

residential areas are more secure than others -- we need to consider

these things when we buy new homes.


9. [NEW INFO] Obtain EXPERT ADVICE regarding putting our funds into

other financial entities -- such as foundation-type entities, etc., --

rather than our personal names. This is to increase our privacy from

annoying or dangerous contacts. I'm told there will be new options in

financial entities after NESARA and the worldwide banking and common

law changes within six months of NESARA's announcement.


I'm hearing that it's wise to put our prosperity in MORE than ONE

entity. For added safety, I'm hearing it's good to use more than one

firm to assist us in setting up various financial entities and have

more than one expert involved.


A "financial entity" is a trust, foundation, company, etc., into

which we place our prosperity so that we have more personal privacy

and more diversification of our funds. Definitely, we want to

avoid "putting all our eggs in one basket". I'm hearing it's

extremely important that we PERSONALLY approve EVERY DETAIL of all

our financial entities, to avoid possible losses.


This is WHY I have been saying, each of us must set up OUR OWN

financial entities and KNOW every detail ourselves. We need to avoid

putting all our funds into any single financial entity and certainly,

ONLY into those which WE PERSONALLY have set up.


With a trust, WE must know Every Detail, WHO the trustees are and

WHAT their POWERS are, and make sure WE have control of the funds at

all times. If we have an unscrupulous trust or trustee, our funds can

be stolen from us. If what I'm hearing is correct, we may have better

and new options surfacing -- we need to keep our eyes and ears open

about these kinds of things. I'm hearing there are NEW kinds of

CORPORATIONS coming after NESARA. I expect to set up some of my

improvement projects utilizing some of these new financial entity



It's important to take our time and get educated about our options

before we make any decisions. Stay quiet, research what our options

are and obtain EXPERT ADVICE based on CURRENT conditions after

NESARA. It may take a few months for some of the major improvements

to be completed.


10. BEING QUIET and PRIVATE about our good fortune, especially during

the ND period, is key. I'm told we have good suggestions about how

to be low profile and safe in our OFFICIAL instructions.


11. AVOID SAYING anything to anyone about the AMOUNTS of money we

are receiving is another KEY POINT in the ND, I'm told. Avoid

talking on unsecure phone lines, in email, chat, or faxes -- avoid

discussing anything about our amounts or that our funds are coming

from our program. There are ways to tap into all our communications.

We need to get encrypted communications capabilities (a standard

procedure for many rich people) to talk to our legal/financial

advisors and others.


Some of us plan to communicate about doing projects together and this

kind of communication must be done via encrypted communications.

After reading the ND and to avoid any possibility of breaching the

ND, we may decide to do small projects individually at first. Then

after the ND expires, we will be free to do bigger projects together.

We need to be very careful about all our communications.


12. Watch the changes in our country and the world -- keep track of

CHANGES in LAWS and BANKING SYSTEMS. Research what we need to do

under the new laws and banking conditions.


I will be asking some top experts who helped put together the new

banking and monetary systems plans to talk to us about how to manage

our wealth. I've just begun to explore this and will make known to

you how you can tune into this. After the Non Disclosures expire, I

will be looking at making this kind of seminar available by

television with perhaps some interactive question and discussion



A live seminar would be wonderful, however, for the 6-12 months it's

unwise for a big number of us to be in the same physical location. A

large number of multi-zillionaires all in one place would be a big

target. We need to avoid meeting in large numbers for a while for

security reasons.


13. [NEW INFO] Per my info, we will be instructed to give away funds

to "people" – ordinary people. There are ZERO requirements that

these people be some kind of "saint" or some great hero. The point



I'm told that the best way to AVOID breaking our Non Disclosures (ND)

is to WAIT until AFTER the Non Disclosure EXPIRES BEFORE giving away

any funds. The Non Disclosure (ND) for the big program is for a very

BRIEF time, I'm told. Then we have a MONTH AFTER the ND expires to

give the funds away.


I'm informed that one of the FEW restrictions in our instructions is

that we are PROHIBITED from giving funds to someone we KNOW is in the

prosperity programs. I'm told this is because those people will have

their own funds. This obviously explains why those who have received

in the past have been UNABLE to give to those of us in the programs

having financial problems.


I'm told that ideally we will have the bank cut certified or

cashier's checks for us for each person to whom we are giving away

funds. This is because it will make it MUCH easier for the

authorities required to monitor how well we are doing to determine

if we are doing our give aways properly by having records from the

banks for the authorities to check. We need the proper spelling of

people's names and their addresses to give to the banks to do this

for us. I'm told our official instructions go into detail about how

we are to do this and we MUST FOLLOW the OFFICIAL instructions.


14. [NEW INFO] We in the big program will have OTHER HUGE AMOUNTS

of "prosperity program" money FOR OUR OWN USE, MUCH MORE than the

amount we are giving away. I'm told that we MUST pay STRICT

attention to the OFFICIAL INSTRUCTIONS about what we can do when

using our own program funds for ourselves. Basically, my information

indicates it may be best to wait until the ND expires before using

any of our money for ourselves. As I said, the ND period for the big

program is a very BRIEF timeframe. We can leave the bank with some

cash or some other forms of money, I'm told, to help us get through

the brief time until the ND EXPIRES.


AND, let's all take some time and RELAX and recharge ourselves. BE

HAPPY, enjoy life and our loved ones!

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